Dickens Trousers

These bold striped trousers would like to meet a tall man for strolling, street gigs, and adventures of the more bawdy sort at Dicken's. These stripes may not be the type to see on dull, banker sorts. More for the lively sorts. And who wouldn't want to meet a tall man, especially with such long pantlegs? Was originally a mockup replicated from a previous existing pair of trousers used at Dicken's, but is ready to do its own mocking now.

Waist: 33" finished measurement
Inseam: 37.5" unhemmed (can be hemmed)

Yes, you could cut these trousers off at the knees for some shorter bloke, but what a shame that would be. Men of short stature have many trousers to choose from, but tall men with those same trousers would look like they were waiting for floodwaters. Save those tall men from short pants and let them buy long trousers.

To order a pair of trousers like this made would cost around $140 (mostly in time/labor since it takes over 7 hours).

Special price for this pair of trousers: $50 (tax included)

trousers trousers

Striped Trousers

Trousers made with cotton/blend suiting, black with white and blue striping. Front pockets, back double welt pockets, one back pocket with button, belt loops, zipper. Machine washable.
trousers trousers

Completed: November 2005