Dicken's skirt with burgandy plaid suiting fabric and two layers.

Items constructed for this costume:



Plaid polyester suiting, burgandy background with white, gold, and highlighted plaiding.
sketch sketch gold and purple dress


Two gathered flounces attached to skirt. See how in the picture there are two gathered portions with gold stripe fabric trim. Using fabric to trim is sometimes less expensive than the cost of actual trim, fabric washes better than some trims, and can be more visible/dramatic since it can be several inches.

2 flounces:
(3 + 2 + 2)hr x $12/hr = $84
may be some additional time to sew on trim.
skirt skirt with trim dress


Two layers, less fabric used and less time to sew (less expensive).

time similar to 1 flounce:
(3+2)hr x $12/hr = $60
may be some additional time to sew on trim.


Drawing 2 was selected. Burgandy plaid skirt with two layers, hidden side pockets, back hook and eye closure, cartridge pleats, velvet trim on edge of both layers.
skirt detail cartridge pleats

Completed: October 2006