Photo by Brian
Victorian 1850's style evening dress bodice for Gaskell's. Fabric appears to be a multishaded purple acetate with black velvet flowers and dots.

Photo (at right) by Brian.
front with flash back with flash


Multi-shaded purple acetate with velvet flowers, boned, off-the-shoulder bodice with back lacing through buttonholes, black satin pleated bertha with black lace trim and back hook and eye closure, ruffled black chiffon around neckline and on puffed sleeves, same fabric oversleeves, back placket, ribbon drawstring on top and bottom, underarm/bust pads (fills in the space between underarm and bust).
Pattern: Simplicity 5724.

This pattern has very limited arm mobility. Arms end up in a down position which was very fashionable at the time. Changed the undersleeve to a gathered puff which gives a little more movement but arms still cannot be moved above the head.
restrictive sleeves back detail inside front inside back

Completed: June 2006 approx 13 hrs