Men's Twin Tropical Vests 40"

The Twins want to go to Havana (PEERS event They are trouble those two; both too bright for their own good. They think that Elvis and Ricky Ricardo are going to be at that Havana Swing Ball. Now, Ricky's "Tropicana" was in the 1950s, but I think the tropical Elvis movies were from the 1960s, plus most of the Elvis impersonators I've seen look like the older Elvis not one from the 1950s. Anyway, they should probably wear bow ties, but I think they plan to just go with open collars and shell necklaces and stand around with drinks all night talking to the dolls.

The Twins - Men's Twin Tropical Vests
Tropical floral print in sunrise colors (orange, red, yellow)
Red satin trim near neck and lower front edge and orange buttons
Print continues on back of vest so can wear vest without a jacket
Fully lined Rayon, polyester, cotton interlining
Two front welt pockets
D-ring tie back
Vogue pattern V8048 View D Size 40

Completed: 2005