yellow bustle dress
yellow bustle dress yellow bustle dress yellow bustle dress

This sunshine yellow bustle dress inspired a yellow theme for an August Gaskell's Victorian dance. Fabric was provided and overskirt was requested to open in the front, have three drapes in the back, and be more of a natural form or draped without a bustle pad/hoop.

Items constructed for this costume:



Yellow, satin, sleeveless, brocade bodice with v-neck, piping on neckline and hem, and hidden separating zipper. Based from
overskirt overskirt
overskirt overskirt


Yellow satin brocade overskirt opens in the front, has pleats in front and drawstring gathering on the sides and back for bustle effect.


Yellow cotton front gored underskirt has larger panel in the back that is gathered in back for more fullness and has hidden back pockets.


Yellow cotton petticoat has drawstring waist, tuck, and yellow checked ruffle and lace trim on bottom edge.

How much did it cost?

Approximate cost to have this dress made
Description Item Amount   Price per Item Cost
Fabrication (Sewing) Labor hr
Satin 45" wide yd
Fabric yd
Lining yd
Cording yd
Ribbon spool
Interlining yd
Waistband ea
Boning yd
Separating Zipper card
Netting yd
Trim spool
Thread spool
Tax @ 7.75%
Total Approximate Cost

Completed: August 2005