Red Dirndl with pink cherry apron. Photo by Andrew Schmidt.

Cherry Dirndl

[20140725] Ended up making mostly size US16/EU42 Burda 8448 View A. Shortened skirt 6", bodice shortened 1", added hidden pockets, used View B sleeves Used a thread in the neckline to draw it up more. The armholes on the blouse are way long, but the cut of the dress bodice is good so works out okay. The blouse is also super short with elastic. This pattern is more of a dress pattern unlike tight fitting Renaissance bodices which is part of the reason for the wrinkles. Will be good for Oktoberfest and Maifest.

Cherry Dirndl Burda 8448 Front. Cherry Dirndl Burda 8448 Right Quarter View Cherry Dirndl Burda 8448 Back

Completed: July 2014