front 1924 seafoam eyelet dress with satin belt. Drop waist, gathered, ankle length skirt.

Because I didn't have enough fabric, I had to Frankenstein some of the pieces together so it took me more than one hour to make this dress. One of the tucks in the front of the dress is where I joined two pieces of fabric together. I also had to reduce the sleeve opening, move up the armhole, and shorten the sleeves. 7" ribbon was replaced with satin fabric belting, but had to be partially folded under as 7" looked too large. Unfortunately, the long slim lines of the original image cannot be duplicated on my shorter size. Hey, does this belt make my butt look big?

Pattern from cover image of Mary Brooks Picken, "The One Hour Dress: With 17 New Designs for 1924", Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.

One Hour Dress Cover Image side back

Completed: 26 February 2007