Regency Blue Striped Evening Gown

Regency style evening gown created in preparation for the PEERS Pride and Prejudice ball.


1810 watercolor sketch of woman in "Schute" bonnet and blue-striped dress, by Johann Adam Klein
1810 Klein watercolor PEERS Ball

Items constructed for this costume:


Blue striped lightweight cotton high waist with gathers at back, short sleeves. Pearlized buttons up back. White cotton/polyester ruffles at neckline, sleeve edge, . Zipper hidden in white cotton lining.

Pattern is an amalgamation from Simplicity 9531, Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1 c. 1660-1860 p. 49, sleeve shape from Katherine Strand Holkeboer's Patterns for Theatrical Costumes p. 247, skirt from Simplicity 3777.

Regency Blue Striped Evening Gown


Blue linen covers inexpensive modern Payless shoes. Ruched trim with gold sequins and pearlized beads on front. White satin ankle ribbons. Black sueded soles.

shoes shoes

Completed: March 2008