18th Century Reproduction Short Gown

Short gown made for a GBACG Revolutionary Picnic in 2012 using directions for making a short gown from a GBACG article.

Revolutionary Picnic

GBACG Revolutionary Picnic September 2012GBACG Revolutionary Picnic September 2012

Didn't make a fichu or add sleeves to my short gown because I ended up with intestinal problems on Thursday night which slowed down my sewing. ...

I had raced to make James a coat earlier in the week. It went together faster than the short gown. But I didn't have time to make the waistcoat and trousers so bad me to have him at the event half dressed. Like other GBACG picnic events there were modern interlopers all around including a large wedding in the distance and other people wandering through. I missed a photo opportunity where two young 18th century women were on their picnic blanket and two women in the distance were on their blanket in bikinis. The GBACG 1930s picnic event had regular dressed folks judging the pie contest and mixed right in with our picnic. ...

GBACG Revolutionary Picnic September 2012 GBACG Revolutionary Picnic September 2012
I'm not the best socializer and not feeling totally healthy didn't help so I didn't get the name of the woman with the ever so cute toddler who said "Hi" to everyone and was cheerful the entire afternoon. There were some great hats. I especially like the big poofy ones and kind of want to make one of those over the top giant hats. ...

We were the third group to arrive. Other people arrived two hours late. The only time I arrived extra late to a GBACG event was the tea in San Francisco when it took me 3 hrs instead of the 1.5 hrs to drive there and then I couldn't find parking.

GBACG Revolutionary Picnic September 2012

My notes for fixing up the short gown would be

Also need a new wig or hat and to make waistcoat, trousers and hat for James. Would be good for the next pirate festival.


Short Gown after 4+ hours

[20120923] Is front supposed to open below waist?  Still funkyness under arms.
Short Gown in Progress

Side view has big gap below waist because waistline estimate was several inches off.  Is the front supposed to be longer than the back?
Short Gown in Progress

Back view is blurry from trying to self photo with double mirrors.  Is waist too low in back or is bumroll too high?  Or not enough fullness in back?
Short Gown in Progress

Revolutionary Picnic, Maybe

[20120923] Someone posted on GBACG about making a kite for the Revolutionary Picnic http://www.gbacg.org/current/revolutionary-picnic.html.  I wasn't sure about going since I didn't have a dress, but then I wanted to make a kite.  So, I bought kite making supplies and dress making fabrics.

I started making a kite and I started making a short gown using the instructions from the GBACG newsletter.   Last night, I drew the measurements and pattern on the back of the lining fabric, put the lining fabric on the fashion fabric and cut it out, zigzagged the edges and sewed the pleats and seams and it looked horrible.  This morning, I put on my corset and chemise and tried it, again.  It still didn't look right.  The armholes were too far out and the waist was too low.  I've been futzing with it for two hours already and may need to work on something else for awhile.  Wah - I thought this was supposed to be an easy bodice.

I will do one more round of pinning and sewing and trying on and if that does fix it, then I'll set it aside.

Completed: September 2012